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Why Is Integrative Healing Different?

Why does this work? How is this different? This program doesn’t just treat symptoms. I found that to be the case in BOTH western medicine and functional medicine. They both consisted of listing your symptoms and trying different medications or supplements to treat those symptoms, and rarely did any of these work, at least, not long term. And I never got to the root cause of what was causing these issues. The problem is, one symptom can have MANY different causes, and you don’t know what that could be until you test. And honestly, there are likely many reasons you are having these symptoms, and we will address them all from seeing what your body needs with functional lab tests including genetics, bloodwork, Organic Acids, hormones, and later, G.I. tests. Putting these labs together will give us an accurate picture of what is going on in your body. The truth is every person is different, genetically, emotionally, physically...there is no one thing that works for everyone. You can be confident that I will be treating you, individually, because you are different from anyone else.

We will also look at nutrition, mindset, and emotional and physical stress. Your body wants to heal; it was designed to heal itself, but there are so many things hindering that from happening. It doesn’t matter what your health struggles are, this program is designed to get to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms. I am dedicated to helping you unlock your body's innate healing potential and embark on your own journey towards lasting wellness. My one regret is not finding this program sooner. Don’t waste more time!

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